about us

who we are

Artists for George Floyd is a collective of high school students who hope to use their talents to help fund the Black Lives Matter movement. 

what we do

We take commissions and sell artwork with 100% of proceeds going to charity. We have slightly restructured our payment methods since our start in order to pay for shipping and material costs, but our profits are still being sent to the mutual aid funds, charities, and organizations that are fighting for racial justice. 

meet the artists


Class of 2021 - he/him
Lucas is one of the founding members of Artists4GF. He is based in New York City and has hopes to be a radical librarian.


class of 2021 - he/him Zander is a high school senior hoping to make a difference in the world.


Class of 2022 - he/they
Louis is an aspiring screenwriter and high school student who lives in Youngstown, Ohio. He loves baking, writing and volunteering at his local free clinic.


Class of 2021 - they/them
Sol is a multi-medium artist. They love to cook, rollerskate, and write. They hope to make a career in political art.


Class of 2021 - she/her
Cate is a high school student from Manhattan. She enjoys art and soccer.


Class of 2021 - she/her
Karen is an aspiring writer based in New York. She has worked on a variety of community service projects, honing an environment of empathetic thinking.


Class of 2021 - she/herGwen is a Girl Scout of 10 years, and loves art and music. She plans to one day work at a museum.


Class of 2021 - she/herLulu is a high school student from New York City. She is passionate about art, languages, music, and literature.


Class of 2021 - she/her Alexa is a high school senior from Manhattan. She loves making and teaching others about art and hopes to become an art educator one day.